Exhibiting Artists

Carrie Nardello
Carrie Nardello is a fine art painter living and working in her studio at Project Artaud, one of San Francisco's longest sustaining artist collectives. Originally from New York City, Nardello relocated to the west coast to attend the San Francisco Art Institute where she received a BFA in painting.

Nardello's work is bright, bold and spontaneously imaginative using a symbolic vocabulary to express a feeling or story. Everyday imagery like tables, chairs, beds, houses, fire, water and animals relay the narrative.

Although the work is often inspired by personal experiences it is communicated with this universal language as to engage the viewer to connect to their own story. With an intentionally childlike approach, Carrie seeks to capture the innocence and immediacy of the heart and move the viewer to relate intimately.

Carrie Nardello's paintings are in private collections across the United States and Europe.  Her work is on view every spring and fall as part of Open Studios.

Eleanor Briccettiartists
Eleanor Briccetti's passion for nature photography stems from a love of wildlife, the outdoors, and bird watching. The San Francisco Bay Area became her home in 1994, following a career as a professional violinist. She was a member of the orchestras of Kansas City, Indianapolis, and Saint Louis. Her interest in photography began as a young girl, undoubtedly influenced by her father, an avid amateur photographer. Eleanor's works have been displayed in many galleries and have been used in many publications. In 2001, she was Merit Award Winner in National Wildlife's 31st annual photography completion, received Honorable Mention in 2003 Birder's World photo contest and won 2nd place in the international category of Wildbird's 2005 photo contest. Eleanor a winner in the North American Nature Photographers Association's 2010 Expressions magazine. She also won a photography award in National Audubon Society's first-ever photo competition and most recently, had an image published in Peterson Woodpecker guide.

To view more of her magificent photography, please visit her website

Jeff Margolinvan Duren
Jeff began working with clay over thirty five years ago, at
studios around West Los Angeles.  Although he was always
devoted to ceramics, it was not until college that clay became
his career choice.

During his studies in political theory at UCBerkeley it became
clear to him that clay had chosen him more than he had
chosen clay. His realization that the only life he could justify
was as a ceramic artist was as surprising as it was certain. He
immediately reoriented his approach from functional to
sculptural and began to present his work seriously. He has
been gradually refining and evolving his work ever since.

Jeff Margolin's clay sculptures convey a strong personal style that reveals an engaging
and sensual aesthetic, often containing subtle philosophical statements.  His pieces are
dynamic in nature and their sense of flow and movement is inspired by artists such as
Dali and Giger.  There is a unique merging of textured and polished, transparent and
opaque, rounded and sharp, which makes for a destabilizing artistic message.
The sculptures are prominent in their space, while constantly altering it.

Jeff's unique touch is evident in each dimension of his art.  His forms, carvings, and
finish combine to leave his inimitable signature.